Roll Of Honour
Mens2Leinster Hurling Championships1899, 1901
3Senior Hurling Championship1888 (inaugural), 1889, 1900
1Intermediate Hurling Championship2008
4Junior Hurling Championship1936, 1957, 1975, 2001
1Junior B Hurling Championship2021
1ACHL Division 22011
1ACHL Division 2C2000
1ACHL Division 72018
1Junior Hurling League (Wexford District)1973, 1995 No county tournament, only district level (Competition no longer active)
1Sutton Memorial Hurling Tournament1902 (Competition no longer active)
2Junior Football Championship1981, 2009
1ACFL Division 1A2007
1ACFL Division 1C2003
2ACFL Division 21987, 1998
1ACFL Division 2A1999
1ACFL Division 42024
1Intermediate Football League1984 No county tournament, only district level (Competition no longer active)
1Junior Football League1981 (Competition no longer active)
1Junior B Football League1971 (Competition no longer active)
U201Division 1 Football Championship2021
U191Division 1 Hurling Championship2022
Minor1Premier B Hurling Championship1981**
1Division 5 Hurling Championship2002
1Roinn 2 Football Championship2020
Juvenile2Premier Hurling Championship1974* 1980**
1Division 5 Hurling Championship2005
1Division 3 Hurling Championship2009
1Roinn 1 Hurling Championship2017
1Premier Football Championship1981**
U151Division 4 Hurling Championship2021
U141Rural Hurling Section Championship1971
1Rural Football Section Championship1972
U121Division 3 Football Championship2011
U121Division 5 Hurling Championship2004
1Division 4 Hurling Championship2005
Schoolboys1Sevens Hurling Title2024
1Sevens Football Title2023
1Roinn B Football Rackard League2022
1Roinn C Hurling Rackard League2016
2Roinn C Football Rackard League1994,2012

* Amalgamation with Oulart.
** Amalgamation with Shelmaliers.

As of 2018, Minor, U16, U14 & U12 no longer active.

Please note: Above honours does not include local tournaments, districts or shields titles.