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1886Moses O’BrienMoses O’BrienJohn Cullen
1887Moses O’BrienMoses O’BrienJohn Cullen
1888Moses O’BrienMoses O’BrienJohn Cullen
1889Moses O’BrienMoses O’Brien
1890Moses O’BrienMoses O’Brien
1891Myles MurphyMoses O’BrienTomas Quinn
1892No competition
1893No competition
1894No competitionCullen
1896M. Dunne
1897No competition
1899Master James Walsh
1900UnknownWilliam Devereux
1903UnknownMaster James Walsh
1904No team enteredMaster James Walsh
1905No team entered
1908No team entered
1909No team entered
1910No team entered
1911William DevereuxJames HowlinWilliam Devereux
1912William DevereuxJames Howlin
1913William Devereux
1914No team entered
1915No team entered
1917Thomas Murphy
1918Thomas Murphy
1919P CullenN.J .Murphy
1920Fr. Kavanagh
1921No team entered
1922No team entered
1923No team entered
1924No team entered
1925No team entered
1926No team entered
1927John Whelan
1928Rev Fr. SomersDermot MurphyRichard Ormonde
1929James DempseyPatrick O’Brien
1930James DempseyPatrick O’BrienFelix O'Byrne
1931James DempseyThomas CorriganMichael Cullen
1932James DempseyThomas CorriganMichael Cullen
1933Seamus Kehoe
1935Thomas MurphyJames KehoeMatthew Murphy
1936Thomas MurphyThomas CorriganMatthew Murphy
1937Thomas MurphyThomas CorriganJoseph Kehoe
1938Thomas MurphyPatrick WalshJ O'Brien
1939Patrick WalshPatrick O'BrienThomas Murphy
1940Rev. M O’Byrne C.C.Patrick O’BrienThomas Murphy & Jeremiah Murphy
1941Rev. M O’Byrne C.C.
1943No team entered
1945Owen Leacy
1946Jeremiah MurphyMichael ClarkeSerg. J Fulham
1948Serg. J Fulham
1949Serg. J FulhamMichael Clarke & Michael ManganJohn Kehoe
1950John A.KeaneGer CorriganMichael Mangan
1951John A.KeaneCyril SuttonJohn Nolan
1952John A.KeaneLiam MonohanCyril Sutton
1953John A.KeaneCyril SuttonLiam Monohan
1954Thomas WalshMichael ManganSean Cullen
1955Jerry MurphyMichael ManganSean Cullen
1956Jerry MurphyMichael ManganSean Cullen
1957Jerry MurphySean CullenMichael Mangan
1958Michael ManganSean CullenCyril Sutton
1959Cyril SuttonSean OrmondeThomas Walsh
1960Cyril SuttonSean CullenThomas Walsh
1961Cyril SuttonSean CullenThomas Walsh
1962Cyril SuttonSean CullenThomas Walsh
1963Cyril SuttonSean CullenThomas Walsh
1964Cyril SuttonThomas CarrollThomas Walsh
1965Cyril SuttonD ConsidineMichael Carroll
1966James MurphyMichael CarrollMurtha Murphy
1967James MurphyMichael CarrollMurtha Murphy
1968Cyril SuttonMichael CarrollUnknown
1969UnknownMichael CarrollUnknown
1970UnknownMichael CarrollUnknown
1971Laurence O’BrienMichael CarrollUnknown
1972P.J. WhelanMichael CarrollToddy O’Brien
1973P.J. WhelanMichael CarrollToddy O’Brien
1974Tommy WhelanEddie CullenToddy O’Brien
1975Tommy WhelanVincent SuttonToddy O’Brien
1976Tommy WhelanVincent SuttonEddie Cullen
1977P.J. WhelanLaurence MittenEddie Cullen
1978UnknownLaurence MittenEddie Cullen
1979George KehoeLaurence MittenEddie Cullen
1980PJ WhelanAndy RocheJohn O'Brien
1981PJ WhelanUnknownJohn O'Brien
1982PJ WhelanMichael O’LearyJohn O'Brien
1983PJ WhelanSean OrmondeJohn O'Brien
1984George KehoeSenan LillisJohn O’Brien
1985P.J. WhelanSenan LillisJohn O’Brien
1986P.J. WhelanSenan LillisJohn O’Brien
1987Vincent SuttonSenan LillisJohn O’Brien
1988Vincent SuttonLiam ButtleJohn O’Brien
1989Senan LillisLiam ButtleJohn O’Brien
1990Frank CullenLiam ButtleDenis Corrigan
1992Paul StewartGerry MurphyLiam Buttle
1993Liam ButtleAidan O’BrienJohn O'Brien
1994Liam ButtleUnknownJohn O'Brien
1995Liam ButtleUnknownJohn O'Brien
1996Liam ButtleMichael O’LearyJohn O’Brien
1997Liam ButtleMichael O’LearyJohn O’Brien
1998Liam ButtleMichael O'LearyJohn O’Brien
1999Liam ButtleMichael O'LearyJohn O’Brien
2000Liam ButtleMichael O'LearyJohn O’Brien
2001Liam ButtleShane CurranJohn O’Brien
2002Senan LillisMary J. WhelanLiam Buttle
2003Senan LillisMary J. WhelanLiam Buttle & Aidan O'Brien
2004Senan LillisMary J. WhelanLiam Buttle & Aidan O'Brien
2005Aidan O’BrienDenise HertrijasLiam Buttle
2006Aidan O’BrienCatherine ButtleLiam Buttle
2007Aidan O'BrienCatherine ButtleLiam Buttle
2008Aidan O’BrienOwen LaceyLiam Buttle
2009Aidan O’BrienCatherine ButtleLiam Buttle
2010Aidan O'BrienCatherine ButtleLiam Buttle
2011Sean OrmondeDeclan O’LearyLiam Buttle
2012Sean OrmondeDeclan O’LearyLiam Buttle
2013Sean OrmondeDeclan O’LearyLiam Buttle
2014Sean OrmondeDeclan O’LearyLiam Buttle
2015Sean OrmondeWayne O’ConnorLiam Buttle
2016Liam ButtleAoife RocheKeith Barrett
2017Liam ButtleAoife RocheKeith Barrett
2018Liam ButtleAoife RocheKeith Barrett
2019Liam ButtleAoife RocheKeith Barrett
2020Owen MurphyAoife RocheKeith Barrett

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sleep in the sink climb the curtains attack, give me fish.

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sleep in the sink climb the curtains attack, give me fish.

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  • Officers
  • Adult
  • Coiste na nÓg
  • Camogie
  • Ladies Football
  • Management
  • Contacts

Tab 1

Patron Fr. Brendan Nolan
President Tomy Whelan
Vice Presidents Tom Carroll, Mike Carroll, Larry Whelan, Jim Murphy (The Moate), Jimmy Whelan, Andy Roche, Jim Roche.
Chairman Owen Murphy
Vice Chairman Liam Buttle
Secretary Aoife Roche
Vice Secretary Declan O’Leary
Treasurer Keith Barrett
Vice Treasurer Paul Murphy
PRO Declan O’Leary
Registrar Eimear Whelan
County Board Rep Liam Buttle
ASAP Officer Aidan Whelan
Irish Officer Dean Wright
Ground Co-ordinator Eddie Rowe
Healthy Club Officer Aidan Whelan
Committee Members: All of the above, Lar Leacy, Richard Blake, Denis Carroll, Dessie O’Brien, John Whelan, Joe Cullen, Pad O’Connor, Ger Corrigan, Denis O’Brien, Mick Lillis, John Roche, Peter O’Brien, Owenie Leacy, James Donoghue, a representative from Ladies football, a rep from underage and rep from camogie.

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Tab 3

2018Joe CullenMichelle CurranNoleen Murphy
2017Joe CullenMichelle CurranNoleen Murphy
2016Joe CullenMichelle CurranNoleen Murphy
2015Joe CullenMichelle CurranNoleen Murphy
2014Joe CullenMichelle CurranNoleen Murphy
1990John WalshMary WhelanDenis Corrigan
1989Senan LillisMary WhelanJimmy Whelan
1985Pat PowerJohn DooleyJimmy Whelan
1976Denis O'BrienLaurence Mitten
1975Various members
1999Andy RocheSenan LillisPaddy O'Connor
1997Andy RocheAidan O'BrienPaddy O'Connor
2002Ger CorriganSusan O'LearyJohn Dempsey
2003Ger CorriganSusan O'LearyJohn Dempsey
2019Joe CullenMichelle CurranNoleen Murphy
1998Andy RocheSenan LillisPaddy O'Connor
2004Ger CorriganSusan O'LearyUnknown
1930James DempseyThomas CorriganJoseph Leacy
1931James DempseyThomas CorriganMichael Cullen
2020Neil MurphyMichelle CurranNoleen Murphy
2013Joe Cullen
2012Joe Cullen
2011Joe Cullen

Tab 4

2017Olive McGuinnessAoife RocheBeirne Rath
2016Olive McGuinnessAoife RocheBeirne Rath
2015Oonagh Rowe--
2018Olive McGuinnessAoife RocheBeirne Rath
1993Kathleen WhelanMargaret ByrneBride Gordan
2018Olive McGuinnessAoife RocheBeirne Rath
2019Olive McGuinnessAoife RocheBeirne Rath
2020Olive McGuinnessElaine WalshBeirne Rath

Tab 5

2018Aideen SuttonPaul CullenJosephine Molloy
2019Aideen SuttonPaul CullenAnna Berry
2020Aideen SuttonPaul Cullen0
2021Aideen SuttonPaul CullenTracey O'Connor

Tab 6

Intermediate HurlingJames DonoghueRJ BlakeDeclan ByrneJoe Cullen
Junior B HurlingGer CorriganEddie RoweBrian Curran
Junior FootballEamon O'LearyJohn BroderickJason O'LearyPaul O'Leary
U20 Hurling/FootballDean WrightPaul O'LearyDenis O'BrienHenny FikentcscherJoe Cullen
Coiste na nÓgManager/SelectorSelectorSelectorSelectorSelector
U17 Hurling/FootballBrian CurranJoe CullenKeith Kavanagh
U15 Hurling/FootballPad O'ConnorDessie O'BrienPadraig Lambert
U13 Hurling/FootballSean SalmonDarren ByrnePad O Connor JnrTomas MurphyDean Whelan
U11 Hurling/FootballMartin SinnottAidan WhelanKeith Barrett
U9 Hurling/FootballMag O'LearyLar LaceyOwenie LaceyDeclan O LearyBrian Redmond
U7 Hurling/FootballLarry KellyBrian Curran
NurseryJoe Walsh
IntermediateJack WrightAidan KirwanMary Walsh
MinorMarie LeacyElaine McGuinness
U16Eimear WhelanAoife RocheMag O'Leary
U14Marie LaffinSiobhan LillisAine Wright
U12Caroline WalshJohn WhelanMick Lillis
U10Vin RocheMag O'LearyLeonie Sinnott
U8Keith Barrett
Ladies FootballManager/SelectorSelectorSelectorSelectorSelector
Junior BAideen SuttonJohn Berry
MinorAideen SuttonEugene BernariusJohn Berry
U16Aisling BerryKatle Lillis
U14Paul Cullen
U10/U8John BroderickLizzy O'Brien

Tab 7

NameEmail addressPhone number
AdultAoife Rocheefe0109@gmail.com0876552113
UnderageNeil Murphy
CamogieOlive McGuinnessefe0109@gmail.com0866060455
Ladies FootballAideen Suttonstbrigidsblackwater.wexford@lgfa.ie0872845772
PitchEddie Roweoylegaterowe@gmail.com0879036559
WebsiteNameEmail addressPhone Number
Site Development & ManagementDeclan O'Learydexleary@gmail.com0872074594
PRODeclan O'Learydexleary@gmail.com0872074594
PicturesPauline Byrne0868860706
Trish O'Toole
VideoFinbarr Flanagan0857777331