List of missing match reports

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1930 First match of ferns v Blackwater

1945 Missing any game

1946 Missing some games

1961 No team v oulart first match  

1962 missed matches after July 7th.

1967 Missing 9th July v clougbawn.

1969 no scorers for Barntown game jun 6th

1971 missing all district games

1972 missing all district games 

1973 missing all district games 

1974 missing semi final b Barntown Aug 30th

1975 missing up until oct 31st 1975 and missing Adamstown game.

1978 missing May 5th v Monageer 

1979 no team or v Bunclody May 25th. Checked echo and people 

1980 No scorers against Cushinstown jul 11th

1983 scorers v Ballymurn Jun 3rd

1985 missing game v Ballymurn July 12th

1986 Jul 26th v Askamore

1987 team v Barntown jun 5th 1987

1988 July 7th v Martins.

1989 Junior a v Harriers jul 27th

1991 jun 6 v Rosslare

Aug 15th v Anne’s not in echo either 

All games 

1992 all games

1993 aug 30th v Fintans missing 

Sept 4 v St. Anne’s missing 

Sept 18th v Rosslare missing 

Oct 31st v Martins missing 

1994 May 5th missing 

May 25th v Craanford missing 

Jun 9th v clongeen only scorers not team 

Jul 21st v Fintans missing

2007 missing game v Oulart. Aug 14th

2008 part of 

2012 no teams or scorers for 23rd May 2012.