History of the jersey
  • 1889
    First club Colours  

    1889 - Just our shirts

    When Blackwater competed in the first Wexford Senior Hurling county final against Oulart, we actually never had any jerseys,  the players just wore there own white shirts, drawers but wore a black and yellow cap to distinguish themselves, like todays racing cap. It was also noted that we often went without shoes or boots and […]

  • 1901

    1901 - 1899 All Ireland Final

    The 1899 All Ireland Hurling wasnt played until 1901. Blackwater again didnt really have any club jersey but its was stated in the GAA ‘History of county coolours’ that we wore black and amber. This was probably in reference to the black and amber caps.

  • 1902

    1902 - First Wexford Colours

    Believe it or not but Wexford had officially no county colours before 1902. In 1895, the used a green jersey and orange shorts for the Croke Cup but they had no official set. In Jun 1902, there is the first mention of the county board making teams wear jerseys and then finally M Doyle (County […]

  • 1903
    First mention of the great green and gold  

    1903 - 1901 Hurling All Ireland ‘Home’ Final

    Blackwater had already played a match in Leinster championship and had to play Kilkenny three times before defeating them. In the third game in February 1903, a report in the paper gives out that Blackwater didn’t bother to wear the county jerseys brought for them. When we made it to the All Ireland Final, we […]

  • 10
      April 1912

    10 April 1912 - Reorganistion

    Amazingly Blackwaters last game was in 1904 and after this the club disbanded, a year after playing in a All Ireland Final. It wasnt until 1911 that the club reorganised, it was decided not to continue with green and gold as “So many other teams wear these colours” so it was agreed to wear all […]

  • 1932

    1932 - Saffron

    Blackwater reorganised in 1932 after 3 years away and there was two clubs in the parish at this time, the other being Tobberlamina Fenians who were to reach the junior 1932 county final. The Blackwater team wore Saffron jerseys.

  • 1940

    1940 - The Hoops

    Due to unknown reasons, the club split in 1938  with a new club set up called the Island Rangers. Two years later though, we rejoined and the green and gold jerseys were the island rangers and were used, Joe Kehoe purchasing these. The green and gold hooped jerseys were used in the late 1940's to the early 1950's. Unfortunately its not know what the club used up until then.

  • 1950

    1950 - Tradition

    This jersey design was used for in the early 50’s, unfortunately it is not known exactly when but the club continued to use this jersey design ever since.

  • 1981

    1981 - 1st football title

    Blackwater won its first county football title in 1981, with the jersey only having some minor changes, no buttons, a smaller yellow band and still long sleeves been prevalent.

  • August

    August 1988 - A second colour

    Around this time, with so many clubs wearing green and gold, it was decided to get a second colour. They were purchased as we were due to play Buffers Alley in a Intermediate Football Quarter final with clubs jerseys clashing.

  • 1995

    1995 - More of the same

    The jersey pretty much stayed the same apart from a yellow collor introduced and the GAA adding a logo to the jersey. A number of different sponsors adorned these jersys throughout the late 90’s and early 00’s O’Sheas, Etchinghams, O’Connors Garage etc.

  • 2003

    2003 - A break from tradition

    In 2003, the jersey undertook a radical design moving away from the yellow band to an unusual design, I believe sponsored by Andy Roche Joinery. A lot of clubs and counties went with this design as O’Neills offered clubs new designs for their jerseys moving away from the main stream.

  • 2008

    2008 - Up to senior

    A more modern jersey with more designs been open to those wishing to purchase a new set and also the first jersey to have our club crest designed by Senan Lillis.

  • 2012

    2012 - The modern world

    We again changed a bit from the conventional where on this jersey the yellow bar finishes at the front with just green and yellow number on the back. It also has a new addition of three gold stripes on the sleeve with Blackwater in white wrote under it.

  • 2014

    2014 - 125th anniversary

    On the 125th anniversary, a replica jersey of the 1901 All Ireland Final jersey was purchased.

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