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We are based on the east coast of Wexford, in the sunny south east!!!
Blackwater Village


With a membership of 190+ players drawn, we have a high level of competition.

Blackwater (Irish: An Abhainn Dubh, meaning “the black river”) is a rural village in County Wexford, Ireland. It lies mostly within the townland of Ballynaglogh (Irish: Baile na gCloch, meaning “the town of the stones”) on the R742 regional road 16 km (9.9 mi) north of Wexford.

There has been settlement in the area going to back to pre-norman times as there are still many moates visible in the area including Innishiadhru which in local tradition is said to be the first place that people arrived on the island of Ireland.

In 1798, the village became an epicentre for rebellion activity George Sparks from Crosshue, Blackwater, a member of the United Irishmen and a local protestant landlord (a keen sportsman and hurler at the time) lead the Blackwater men into battle, no more so than the victory on Oulart Hill.

The men from the area fought after Vinegar Hill up to Ballyboghill where the last remnants of the rebellion were defeated.

Blackwater coast has seen many a ship lost through the ages no more than the Ponoma when over 389 lives lost at sea in 1859. In recent years there has been the building of hundreds of houses in the village itself and in outlying areas.

Blackwater is very close to Ballyconnigar beach, a site with one of the highest levels of erosion due to tidal forces. The stretch of beach from Ballyconnigar to Ballynaclash is popular for bathing, walking and fishing. Ballyconnigar beach is close to Curracloe strand and Ballinesker beach, where the opening scene of the film “Saving Private Ryan” was filmed.


The Oxygen Club is proud of its excellent record in the consistent production.


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Ballynaclash, Blackwater