Match Reports and Club NewsExciting new website feature, a first!!!

Exciting new website feature, a first!!!

After the disappointing news that we had to close our facilities last night, we have a very exciting new website feature which will be launching over the coming weeks to relieve some of the non GAA action and boredom that you must be experiencing.

Over the past while I have been compiling all the player stats since the first hurling championship game on the 12th November 1888 against Mulgannon Harriers (from near where St. Josephs GAA club in Wexford play now) and I now have a definitive list. Over the next three weeks each day I will be posting a hurler from the top 20 hurling scorers from play while also revealing who is the top scorer overall at the end and who has the most championship appearances for the club. At he end of the three weeks, I will be uploading the total list of every player who has played for the club, how many championship games, what they scored etc. So who has scored more, the grandfather, the father, son or even great grandfather?? It also give some idea of the great club players who have passed down through the club in the ages, who probably weren’t recognised on a county scene but now will have some recognition with us.

One caveat of course, some of the matches werent reported on, more so games in the 70’s and first couple of years in the 90’s. But apart from those all other matches are reported so my apologies to anyone whose stats are low from around these years but it cant be helped unless those match reports become available at some stage in the future. The list of the missing games will be posted when the list goes up at the end.

This is probably a first in the country for any club to have these stats shared amongst their club members. I was going to hold off on sharing these until Christmas but I think in the current circumstances, now is as good time as any. So sit back and enjoy, discuss etc, No. 20 tomorrow!!!!.