Loss for inters

Blackwater 0-11 v 2-14 Buffers Alley

An extremely depleted intermediate team lost out to a very strong Buffers Alley team in a warm sunny Blackwater on Saturday evening. The Alley started strong scoring three wedged between a Diarmuid score. Mick brought it back to 1 before Alley started to take control. Lar Lacey had to pull of a magnificent one handed save but the Alley made amends on 15b minutes when a line ball, which should of been for us, ended up being worked throw for an Alley goal. Micks frees kept us in touching distance before Lar had to save again with 5 before half time. We were down by 7 at the break.

Two Mick frees brought us to 6 before we started to have a strong spell scoring 5 of the next 6 points to leave just three between the sides with what was looking like an exciting 15 minutes left. But the Alley took over again notching over two frees before they scored their second goal after Lar made the initial save. Lar saved again three minutes later before the game petered out in the final 10. While the result wasn’t what we wanted, considering the lads missing, it was a good effort by the boys who will be hoping for a different result when they play Glenmore from Kilkenny next Sunday at 4pm in Glenmore.

Team: 1. Lar Lacey. 2. Kevin O’Brien. 3. Eoin O’Neill 4. Anthony Roche. 5. Jake Nobbs (0-1). 6. Feidhlim Roche (c). 7. Ben Redmond 8. Diarmuid Murphy (0-1). 9, Mick Lillis (0-9, 0-8 frees). 10. Seanie Purcell. 11. Paul O’Leary. 12. Paddy Cullen. 13. Robert McGuinness. 14. Conor Sutton. 15. Tomas Murphy.

Subs used: Dean Wright for Robert McGuinness, Topar Corrigan for Conor Sutton