Strong defensive effort leads U16s to victory.

Buffers Alley 1-08 v 4-17 St. Brigids Blackwater

For any victory, you need a good defensive foundation and that was the case for the boys on Monday evening last in Monamolin with Fhedlin Roche and Adam Murphy in inspired form. The local derby attracted a large crowd both local and from Blackwater. Even the scoreline suggests that it was all one way traffic, that wasn’t the case in the first 20 minutes of the game with the Alley playing a sweeper in front of their back line.

The Alley opened the scoring but Shane Lynch who had a great game at centre forward responded immediately after some good individual work. With 10 minutes gone the teams were still level but a Pad free, Kealan and a Ross point put 3 between the sides. After a number of missed goal opportunities, we finally broke the Alley rearguard with 20 minutes gone. A high ball in deceived the keeper and it fell to Conor Byrne to flick to the net. Alley responded with 2 frees before Pad responded with two frees from Blackwater with 8 between the sides at the break.

The second half started with a great move, Fhedlim won the thrown in and played a sharp ball to Josh who drove it over the bar. Placed balls were keeping Alley in the game and they slotted 2 more over with 37 gone on the clock. Josh Culleton got Blackwater seconds goal with 10 of the second half gone after the ball was worked well to him while a Pad free kept the score ticking over a minute later. Mossy finally got a goal when Johnny soloed through to flick to Mossy and the full forward hit low the net. with 15 still to go. Alley responded with a questionable goal of there own when Adam Cullen deemed to have saved the ball on the line only for the referee to award the score. He did brilliantly a few minutes later bravely catching the ball under pressure only for his hand to be pulled in. Brian Og was unlucky not to goal himself, he caught the ball on the run and turned his marker and was bearing down on goal only to be fouled. With 8 minutes left Johnny O’Toole went on one of his maisy runs but was unlucky to hit the post but won a free which Pad put over. Johnny hard work was finally rewarded with a couple of minutes left, he won the ball from the Alley keeper but still had plenty of work to do and drilled into the corner of the net. Alley put over a late point but it was the lads who celebrated victory at the final whistle. Rathnure is the final group game which will determine where the lads finish in the table with qualification for the last 4 still not guaranteed,.

Scorers: Patrick O’Connor 0-9, 0-7 frees, Josh Culleton 1-1, Tomas Murphy 1-1, Conor Byrne 1-0, Johnny O’Toole 1-0.  Shane Lynch 0-01, Kealan Fikentscher 0-1, Ross Berry 0-1, Brian Og Curran 0-1, Fhedlim Roche 0-1.